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Auto Insurance Claims:
If you are an auto insurance carrier with a liability/subrogation
claim, please contact our reinsurance carrier directly.
For claims with a date of loss before May 1, 2013 contact:
QBE Specialties/Sedgwick (Formerly - Southeastern Claims Service)
2000 Center Point - Suite 2350
Columbia, SC 29210
Phone: (800) 962-1625
Fax: (866) 251-5389
For claims with a date of loss after May 1, 2013 contact:
American Southern Insurance Company
1611 Devonshire Dr STE 102
Columbia, SC 29204-2444
Phone: (800) 713-2205
Office: (803) 724-5180

Boiler Inspections:
IRF boiler inspections services are being handled through
a contract with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual
has certified inspectors who will inspect all boilers,
water heaters, or other pressure vessels as required by LLR
and the Boiler Safety Act.
Liberty Mutual Contacts:
Boiler Contact
For general questions:
Boiler Questions